The Seven Ways of Living With ADHD

Nothing seems normal for people who have ADHD. Life may look like a chaotic situation that never seems to end. Some myths surround Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that lead to societal stigma. For instance, most people believe that medication alone can help you cope.

You can cope with the symptoms and live a healthy life by using some self-help methods apart from your medication. You may face unique challenges different from other adults, but how you handle them is what matters. Some of the symptoms include procrastinating work, impulsive tendencies, and having problems meeting a deadline. How do you handle ADHD?

Develop habits to remain organized

Maintaining a tidy room when you have ADHD can be overwhelming. It starts with coming up with a simple routine to organize your space as you save the important stuff. You can take notes and come up with a to-do list to help you remember small duties at home.

Create more space in your home by finding compartments to keep things you rarely use. Assign specific places of items you misplace easily such as your house keys, bills or your phone. You can also use a day planner to keep track of important appointments or a timer to prevent you from procrastinating things.

Clean up the mess and declutter your home often to reduce the confusion and stress of always misplacing things. You can look for files to store any papers. Learn to call back if you miss an urgent call and do small duties without disregarding them off until later.

Check up your mail daily


Daily checkup of your mailbox prevents you from missing important events sent through the mail. Set up a specific time to always check your emails as you sort them out according to their importance. You can also reduce the paperwork by considering paperless options such as reading your emails online.

Observe time

Most people with ADHD do not value the importance of time like others. This causes the lack of punctuality in attending appointments and classes. You can minimize this by being a timekeeper. Get a wristwatch to track time and avoid being late. Feel free to write down the time if you are having trouble memorizing it.

Make use of alarms to prevent you from oversleeping so that you can remain productive and avoid conflicts with your boss or lecturer. You can purpose to arrive at appointments earlier than the recommended time to prevent you from getting late.

Learn how to prioritize the things that are important before the rest. Avoid doing everything at once since this can cause anxiety and confusion. Divide your tasks into small groups that you can manage. Do not commit to things without confirming your schedule. You don’t want plans that overwhelm you or make you overtired.

Know how to manage your bills and money


Managing finances can be challenging if you have ADHD. You can, however, overcome this by coming up with a system that is easy to understand and consistent. You can start by assessing your finances so that you know how much you have and how much you need to settle your bills. Avoid impulse buying before you have evaluated your financial situation. Come up with a monthly budget as you calculate and prioritize your bills.

Try to minimize expenses by finding alternatives, for instance, eating at home instead of spending too much on restaurants. Come up with an organized system that allows you to store documents such as receipts which can help you with future expenses. You can always refer to them to find out the price of something to avoid getting confused at the supermarket.

Try online banking so that you don’t have to cue at the teller to make a withdrawal. This reduces agitation and saves you time. An online account also helps you trace all your payments as well as deposits so that you know where your money goes. Make use of electronic reminders, so that bill paying is smooth.

Remain productive and focused at work

It is possible to work like any other person when you have ADHD. Start by remaining organized at work. Use color-coding to prevent forgetfulness of tasks. Avoid distractions at work so that they don’t affect your concentration. For instance, you can choose a position free from noisy colleagues during a conference.

Make use of voicemails if you are busy to prevent feeling overwhelmed by too many responsibilities at the same time. You can use headphones to prevent noise from disturbing you when you are working. Practice a habit of writing what seems to be more than you can absorb from work.

You can also try echo directions to help you understand what people who talk fast mean. Feel free to move around the office so that you don’t feel anxious and start fidgeting.

Know how to manage stress

ADHD comes with symptoms such as irritable moods, anxiety, and high-stress levels. Some people use drugs such as Xanax to self-medicate. This could cause complications such as Xanax addiction. Use healthy relaxation techniques instead as you take care of your health.

Ensure that you maintain a balanced diet, get enough rest and practice simple exercises. This reduces your mood swings and helps you fit into regular routines. They can also minimize hyperactivity, as well as distractibility. You can also try mindful walking as you learn how to take charge of your impulses. Music can soothe your feelings when you are struggling with symptoms of ADHD.

Get support


Feel free to get support when you are struggling with things. For instance, you can always hire a caregiver to help you with your child and run errands for you. You can hire a teacher to help you with lessons you may be undertaking. Join a group of people who have ADHD so that you can learn from others. It will also motivate you to lead a healthy life.

Final thoughts

People who have ADHD have different problems according to their circumstance, symptoms, and personality. Despite all this, the above coping tips are not biased since anyone can benefit from them. They will make you as productive as everyone else.