What are the Odds of Going to Mars before 2025? 

The Mars One program recently went bankrupt after years of hype and excitement surrounding its intent. Clearly, the ambitions of the company far exceeded the size of their wallet. NASA made claims that the program vastly underestimated the costs of space travel and were way off in their budgeting goals. It’s unfortunate, as the Mars One premise seemed promising when it produced its 100 person shortlist a few years back. There are likely many disappointed candidates who will be left in the dust when the real voyage begins one day. With that said, there are still big names throwing their hat in the ring to be the first pioneers to step foot on the “Red Planet”.

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are constantly being linked to Mars and with good reason. They have billions of dollars to work with. The SpaceX organization led by Elon Musk and the Blue Origin company helmed by Jeff Bezos are the current frontrunners to go to Mars first. They have quibbled with one another in the media and have brought back some of the fun to space travel that we haven’t seen since the 1960’s. It might be a matter of smoke and mirrors but the battle between the two super-moguls is fun to watch!

Even sportsbooks are getting in on the fun. They currently predict a 25% chance that a human will set foot on Mars by Dec 31, 2024. They also have SpaceX as the likely organization to do it. These odds are long but it’s hard to predict what type of technology the powerful organization is creating behind closed doors.

We’ll have to stay tuned as only time will tell.