Amplifying Average

They say, “Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover”, but this can be difficult to do when a book cover is so colorful and exciting as is the case with the new book Amplifying Average – 15 Lessons To Help The Average Person Level Up Their Life by Tim Schmidt which shows a seemingly average person that put himself in an uncomfortable situation by moving from Iowa, to Miami Beach,FL.

Tim quickly learned that the expenses were much higher compared to Iowa when it came to everything whether it was going out to a bar or just grabbing a simple breakfast.  This gave Tim the motivation he needed to find a way to make money without ever having to deal with a boss. It is never an easy task to be a self starter however, Tim was able to fight through that initial upward climb to find his view of success.

Now back to the hilariously outlandish cover. Here is the backstory for anyone that does not know about the Orchids of Asia spa. Last year over forty people were arrested for soliciting prostitution at this spa including the billionaire owner of the New England Patriots Bob Kraft. This spa made headlines for months as Bob already had a supermodel wife. Now that you know the story i’m sure you’re wondering why anyone would wear a shirt like that let alone put it on a book cover.

It all started out as a joke in Key West when one of his friends came down with the shirt which ended up in a day of everyone wearing them. People thought it was hilarious and decided to take pictures of them everywhere they went. Holding to the idea of being a contrarian thinker Tim decided  a book cover would be the perfect place.

This is the basis for the book which shows that you do not have to be an NBA player, or have an MBA to make something of yourself. This is not a book for someone looking to advance ranks at their job. Amplifying average is for someone that is tired of living paycheck to paycheck and answering to other people. What scares most people about not having a boss is that they have noone to go to when there is a problem. Tim goes through those fears and explains that it is not for everyone but anyone can do it with the right mindset and practice.

A part of what makes this book unique is how it is a modern take and approach on the subject of self improvement which is specifically relevant to society today, as opposed to how it has been in the past. In the past, and before the digital age where society, and culture were as interconnected as they are today. Some of these tips and strategies may not have been relevant or have been seen as too over-the-edge to be applied to real life. However, in the modern context where people are more embracing of individuality and diversity, some of these tips will be a large help. t This is a part of the refreshing perspective that this new book brings to the topic of self-improvement which has been a topic of interest for readers for many years.

Amplifying Average by Tim Schmidt  is available nationwide and online. It is a useful guide for people looking to break out of the ordinary. To find out more about the author, feel free to check out Tim’s Instagram page.