5 Different Types of Food That are Unique To Hong Kong

Travelling to a new place is an exciting time for many reasons with the different types of unique foods to the area being a top reason for many people. Hong Kong is known around the world for its unique blend of traditional and exotic arrangements of food that are a major favorite among many food experts and connoisseurs around the world and for good reason. It is hard to compete with the wide variety of flavor and diversity that is unique only to that of the Hong Kong culture and recipes which provide it with its everlasting fame. The following list consists of some of the dishes that are most authentic and original to Hong Kong. 

1) Sweet and Sour Chicken / Beef

Hong Kong is famous for its sweet and sour sauces that have given it a reputation around the world like no other. Whether on chicken or beef, or any other type of meat, the sweet and sour sauce recipe is a flavor that is among the most signature of Hong Kong and a must try for anyone looking to get a traditional feel for flavor in Hong Kong. The diversity in this particular flavor and its ability to contrast both the sensations and sweetness and tanginess at the same time has been the foundational base for foods enjoyed in the Hong Kong region and makes it among the most signature aspects of food culture in this part of the world in particular.

2) Wantons

The wanton is another foundational dish associated with the culture and tradition of Hong Kong which includes a specialty made wanton dough wrap filled with shrimp or pork among a wide variety of other variations. The element that differentiates the Hong Kong wanton from other variations of dumplings are their unique shapes and methods of preparation / serving. Some wantons are boiled while others are deep fried. Some are served with noodles which is especially original to Hong Kong and has a special name of Sai Yung. This is the recipe that is original to Hong Kong and has become a custom known specifically to the area. It is a must try for anyone considering visiting the area and getting a taste for the regions most iconic food.

3) Roast Goose

Roast Goose is especially traditional and a custom part of the Hong Kong experience. Central Hong Kong is known for its unique preparation of the Roast Goose that dates back many years. The Hong Kong recipe for this dish involves a combination of unique flavors including ginger, sory, garlic, orange peel, and a variety of Hong Kong blended spices. The combination provides this dish with a unique flavor that cannot be compared to any other. For this reason, this dish in particular is exceptionally traditional and also a must to consider on any trip to the Hong Kong area. There are many places in downtown and central Hong Kong that specialize particularly in this specialized dish that has been seen as a main part of the culture and tradition of the people in this area.

4) Fish Balls

No trip to Hong Kong can be made without witnessing the areas tremendous love for the Fish Ball. Just as it sounds, this particular recipe prepares seafood in the form of rolled balls that are served as bite size horderves suitable both of on the go and traditional eating. The recipe as received a significant amount of popularity over the years and resulted in a widespread adoption by the area as a regular food. Some served individually while others are served with other foods such as noodles. Regardless of the method of serving, it is likely that this particular type of dish is going to be another one of those dishes that are very widespread and unique to the area.

5) Hong Kong Noodles

Noodles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes but they form an essential part of the Hong Kong food experience. Served in noodles more prepared individually and fried in several different ways, the Hong Kong noodles are very common to the Hong Kong area and likely to make their way into a recipe in one way or another. One of the attributes about Hong Kong noodles that distinguishes them is the particular manner in which they are prepared, Rickshaw Noodles are used generally in soup and form the main use of noodles in the soup form. Fried noodles in Hong Kong are often prepared with a mixture of soy sauces and other flavorings that provide it with an exceptional flavor that is unique to the region. However, with so many variations on the methods and preparation of noodles, every place is likely to prepare their own in a particular way which makes every exposure to noodles in Hong Kong a unique experience.


There are many other foods that are unique to Hong Kong, but these are among the most well known for the Hong Kong area in particular and guaranteed to be a part of any food tour. If there are any recipes unique to Hong Kong that you feel we should have included, let us know below!