Meals You Can Cook Even If You Don’t Have a StoveTop

If you don’t have a stovetop it can be hard to think of meals that you can prepare. You can’t use a saucepan, you can’t use a skillet. Even something as simple as making fried eggs is impossible. Luckily, if you’re creative there are several exciting meals that you can rustle up in minutes without needing to use a single pan!

Chicken Sliders

If you’re looking for an entrée idea that tastes great and leaves you feeling satisfied but requires absolutely no cooking at all, these chicken salad sliders are perfect. All you need is a store bought rotisserie chicken, a bag of chopped walnuts or pecans, some seedless grapes, a jar of mayonnaise and some chopped tarragon. Mix all your ingredients together and then serve spread onto slider buns for a delicious restaurant quality meal that takes minutes.

Mexican Bean Salad

Serving dinner for a vegetarian or vegan but don’t have a stove top? No worries! This Mexican bean salad is sure to impress and can be made using just a few simple ingredients. Grab a can of black beans, a can of sweetcorn, a fresh bell pepper, red onion and a tomato. Chop up your vegetables, open and drain the cans and mix together. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you could add a little chopped avocado or mango and then toss everything in a blend of olive oil and lime juice before serving over a base of romaine lettuce. Top everything with some tortilla chips to add a little extra crunch and you have a meat-free entrée to die for!

Microwave Stuffed Potatoes

Fancy something hot but don’t have a stovetop? No problem! These microwave stuffed potatoes will satisfy your need for comfort food and only take minutes to prepare. You can use either regular or sweet potatoes to ring the changes. Prick your potatoes using a fork and pop them in the microwave. Cook for 8 minutes on high power until they are tender. Half the potatoes, scoop a little of the flesh out into a bowl. Add some seasoning to your potato flesh then spoon it back into its shells. Top your potatoes with a little guacamole, cilantro and chopped tomato to give it a Mexican flavor. Absolutely yummy!

Microwave Mini Omelettes

Sometimes, nothing will do but an omelette. Whether for breakfast or for dinner there’s nothing simpler or more tasty to eat. If you thought that omelettes were off the menu because you had no stovetop you can think again. All you need is a glass bowl and a microwave! Crack a couple of eggs into your glass bowl and mix well with a fork. Add a splash of milk and a spoonful of cream cheese. Beat thoroughly then add a handful of your favorite cheese and a little seasoning to taste. Pop the glass bowl into the microwave and cook for a minute. The result will be a delicious and creamy omelette in seconds!

Simple Microwave Pasta

Nothing is quite so comforting as a big bowl of pasta at the end of a long, hard day. You can make your favorite spaghetti, penne or tagliatelle easily without a stovetop by simply using your microwave. While your pasta is cooking, open a can of chopped tomatoes, add a few fresh herbs, and then heat in the microwave. Drain your pasta, pour the sauce over the top, scatter on a little shaved parmesan, grab a fork and you’re good to go!

Invest In An Induction Cooktop

Don’t have a microwave or a stove top but really don’t want to live on cold fold forever? An induction cooktop could be the perfect solution to your dining problems. Small and convenient, an induction cooktop can be kept in a cabinet and brought out whenever you want to prepare a meal. Suitable for making anything that you normally would on a regular stove top, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one. For more information about the different meals you can make using an induction cooktop you can browse the internet and get a host of recipes that will keep you feeling full for weeks! Enjoy cooking!