Business Budget Breaks – How Co-Working Can Be A Cost Saving Measure For Your Business

Kuala Lumpur is an important financial centre in the country and indeed the world. The city is host to a number of businesses, many of them using the serviced office format to move closer to the CBD. In addition to the serviced office, coworking is also becoming popular in the city for a few reasons. The coworking space is a social one that allows young Malaysian professionals to work in a dynamic environment while building bridges of opportunity for business.

The coworking space, historically, has been a place where start-ups and entrepreneurs in the tech industry got their beginning, and simply because sharing the costs lowers the overhead for everyone. The Malaysian version of this office format that requires businesses share space is similar, but in this incarnation, professionals get more than an internet connection and workspace. Take a look at Servcorp Coworking Kuala Lumpur at Servcorp Coworking to see how coworking can be cost-saving.

Keep reading to learn more about how the coworking space can save your business money and help you stay in control of your finances.

Promoting Your Business  

With the community as your foundation, the coworking space can be the perfect place to promote your business and your ideas. Through the numerous coworking events, you can network with others and talk up your business’s ideas. If you want to build up business outside of the community, consider using conference and meeting rooms to invite businesses you would like to work with for informal, promotional events. This would be the perfect opportunity to use the conference rooms to build your business.

Today’s companies can really save in terms of promoting a business online as well. With the number of tools available, your business essentially benefits from being able to not only research online, but from using the number of advertising tools available for research. In addition to the numerous social media sites, video-streaming sites and other advertisements can reach limitless populations.  

Finding Contractors

The coworking space is one where professionals who comprise the space also are a cache of resources. Almost like a marketplace, professionals in the coworking community can exchange work based on prices they set in the space. In many cases, through the community grapevine, accessing talent becomes inexpensive because through networking you get an idea of how much goods and services cost. In essence, the process of finding contractors and other people you want to work with has been simplified by placing a diverse group of professionals in one place.


Even working in teams can bring opportunities to save money.  Being exposed to other’s skill sets through working on projects together does provide you with the chance to learn about other industries. This knowledge carries you further than the project that you might be working on simply because, in the course of work, you begin to understand how much certain goods and services cost. In the future, when having to deal with certain industries, you already know the costs of such services or goods and when prices are marked accordingly.

Of Course, There Is Overhead

At the end of the month when the bills are due, coworking professionals will find their bills are streamlined. In this one way, coworking has aided businesses in reducing the amount of money they spend in a month just simply to manage the business. Coworking has relieved many SMEs and start-ups of the overwhelming initial and monthly costs typically associated with funding office space.

Cost-Savings For Your Venture

Alleviating overhead and other funding issues clears the platform for other projects. The coworking’s cost savings translates into the freedom to drive your business in any direction needed to build more business. With the constraints of cost removed from your shoulders, focusing on business is your only concern.