About Us

Hi All! My name is Chad Newsome and I have just taken over ownership of this blog. After seeing that the owner was not keeping up with their site I decided to try and take over. My passion has always been in giving people recent as well as accurate, and unbiased news. Whether you are watching Fox, NBC, ABC,BBC you are always going to received biased information.

Why did I do this you ask? As said before my passion is in recent unbiased news and tips. Now that social media is used by everyone the new lifehacks and apps available are endless. On top of that you can now learn about what it is like to travel to each country in a POV way.

As you can see my mind is kind of everywhere which is basically what the content is going to be like. All I want to do is report on what I feel is relevant to myself as a 30 year old, Bearded, Iphone loving, spend most of my time in an airport type of person.

If you are interested in contributing there is a charge so please reach out to me at [email protected] to make a deal.